• MTX Data Services (MET)

    A new approach to trading and analysis in the energy market :
    • All in one trading, analysis and risk management system
    • Forecasting and Analysis Methods
    • Market Data Dissemination
    • Contract and Trade Management
    • Credit and Risk Monitoring
    • Reports and Dashboards
  • MTX Exchange and OTC Systems

    • Execution and Matching Engine
    • Operation and Integration Tools
    • User-friendly Front-end Configurations
    • Multi-Commodity, Multi-Market
    • Exchange connectivity to OTC systems
    • Enhanced PTRM tools


MTX Commodities has a combined experience of more than 30 years in developing systems and servicing clients in the global energy and commodities markets. MTX has leveraged this experience to offer a unique partnership proposition providing our clients with the products and services required to build and develop their markets. MTX provides proven a product suite supporting the operations of market operators, traders, portfolio managers, risk managers and analysts. The MTX product suite is in current daily use in Exchanges, OTC Markets and Trading Companies whose functional requirements include price discovery, trading, risk management, portfolio management, analytics and data management. MTX Commodities Limited head office is located in London.



MTX Exchange

Fully functional, highly flexible exchange trading system ideal for small and mid-scale energy and commodity exchanges. Features include acknowledged user friendly, configurable trading screens and a comprehensive set of Admnistrative and Market Management functions through which contracts can be readily configured and deployed. Where required MTX Exchange supports connectivity with clearing houses, risk management systems and third-party ISV system vendors.


MTX Broker

Specialist trading platform for the operation of OTC energy and commodity markets in both bilateral and cleared mode. MTX Broker is based on a reliable execution engine integrated with pre-trade risk management enabling traders to manage their counterparty risks. Using the system management tools market operators can efficiently launch standard and tailored contracts including spot, forwards and options.


MTX Trader

MTX Trader is highly functional electronic trading platform for OTC and Exchange markets. This delivers a screen powered with real-time analytics and graphics enabling users to analyze the status of their portfolios and the market. From a single screen MTX Trader supports a multi-commodity and multi-market view with all relevant comparative data. Data integration can be from both internal and other external data, forecasting and ETRM systems.


MTX VPP Management Systems (Aggregator and Autotrader)

MTX VPP can operate fully automatically and autonomously on the market based on the specified strategies and trading limits, likewise it is possible to expand it with additional functional areas like schedule, portfolio or power plant management. The data required to formulate the trading strategies can be imported directly from MTX Data Services (MET).


MTX Best Bid/Offer

Designed with traders this is a specialist tool that enables orders to be maintained at the best price according to defined rules and limits. MTX Best Bid/Offer can be integrated with any energy /commodity exchange for futures and intra-day trading.


MTX Algo

With increasing liquidity and complexity in commodity markets, there is demand for pre-defined trading rules and automatic trading. MTX has responded by providing tailor-made algorithmic trading projects for futures and intra-day products for requested Exchanges.


MTX Data Services (MET)

Support for trading operations in any energy and commodity market through data dissemination and BI system. The MTX Data Services delivery model brings both internal and external imported data and analysis directly to traders and other market participants on customized front-ends.


MTX Energy Forecasting

Tailor-made forecasting systems for energy markets. MTX listens to traders, portfolio managers and other participants understanding how prices are formed in your market. From this we produce AI powered forecasting systems which provide fast, accurate results to a large and growing screen base.



Through MTX Data Services , MET displays open positions, evaluation & performance analysis and the calculation of all relevant metrics integrated with the end-of-day process .As such MTX ETRM helps the user to take the most efficient countermeasures and minimise the market risk providing portfolio optimization and management tools. From this it supports the ETRM process including settlement process, invocing, colleteral management and cash management.

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